Santiago de Compostela: A Photo-Essay

When I was in Santiago less than a month ago, I spent a lot of time wandering the streets taking photos.

It wasn’t the best time to be in Santiago, from a photographer’s perspective. There was lots of (very necessary) restoration work going on. The Portico de la Gloria was covered up, as was the clock tower. And the Praza do Obradoiro was overflowing with tents—as I understood it, people were protesting against poverty.

But there was still lots to photograph. Here’s a small selection of my results.

Praza do Obradoiro/Plaza del Obradoiro

[Pilgrims arriving]

[Bicigrinos arriving]

[Relaxing in the Praza do Obradoiro]


[Pilgrims hugging]

[Selling CDs]

[Pilgrim with pack]

[Pilgrim's bicycle by the cathedral stairs]

[Praza do Obradoiro]


[Street artist]

[Entering the cathedral]

[Pilgrim with shell]

[Pilgrims at the cathedral gate]

[Photographing the cathedral]

Santiago Cathedral

[Santiago de Compostela Cathedral]

[Cathedral roof]

[Saint James]

[Angel on the Santiago cathedral]

[Santiago cathedral detail]

[Portico de la Gloria]

More Cathedral Plazas

[From the roof]

[Praza de Fonseca]


[Sleeping pilgrim]

Pilgrim Office


Museo do Pobo Galego/Museo del Pueblo Gallego

[Museum with very cool triple spiral staircase]

[Museum - fire]

[Museum - baskets]

In the Park

[Las Dos Marias]


[Cathedral from the park]


On the Streets

[Two packs]


[Santiago cakes]

[On the street]


[Guy in red]

[Modern street]

[Man walking]


[Santiago street]

[Pilgrims on the streets]



[Santiago arches]



[Girl and spout]


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Posted by Anna-Marie Krahn at 10:51 am

5 Responses to Santiago de Compostela: A Photo-Essay

  1. hiro says:

    I have never accomplished something like this in my life except cruising around bicycle in Courtney lol. There are really good photos and keep up good work!

  2. Robert says:

    Hey, I’m on a bush internet line here, A-M. This page is too big for us satellite hicks, but what photos have trickled down look super professional. The stone horse with the cathedral in the background – very fancy!

    • Anna-Marie says:

      Sorry about the big page! I’m glad you enjoyed the photos. You have some great ones yourself.

  3. Kelsey says:

    Hi Anna-Marie,
    I enjoyed the photographs, gives a good impression of what the place is like, and the people involved, both the pilgrims and others, like the little girl…..