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Camino de Santiago

Pilgrim Organizations

Confraternity of Saint James
The CSJ is a UK-based organization for pilgrims. Its website has tons of information for aspiring pilgrims from all countries, from route overviews to history.

Canadian Company of Pilgrims
This Canadian website has information on the Camino de Santiago, and for a small fee offers pilgrim passports and badges to its members.


Camino de Santiago Forums
A fairly busy board with separate sub-forums for most of the routes in France and Spain, and tons of information in the archives—and, as you’ll find if you ask a question, in the members’ heads.

Camino de Santiago de Compostela Forum
This one isn’t quite as busy, but also has lots of helpful information and people who are happy to answer questions.

Free Camino Guide

Camino Guide
A free on-line guide to the Camino Francés, the Via de la Plata, and the Camino Aragonés.

Blogs With Lots of Camino Thoughts and Information

The diary of a “born-again walker,” with many posts on specific issues of interest to pilgrims, such as walking in winter, pilgrims with disabilities, walking with children, and much more.

Camino to Santiago de Compostela – Johnny Walker
Thoughts and information on many of the different routes across Spain—and other Camino-related subjects. It also includes links to free guidebooks on some of the routes.

The Solitary Walker

A bit of everything—walking (not always on the Camino), thoughts, philosophy, books, and much more.


Thoughts on pilgrimage from a religious perspective, including posts from the Camino de Levante in Spain.

Blogs Documenting the Journey

Jo’s Camino: Just Keep Walking
Johanna Qualmann was seventeen when she and a friend walked the Camino Francés. This blog documents her Camino. (See also my interview with Johanna.

Shell Shock: Nell’s Big Walk
Nell walked the Camino Francés with a friend. Her blog documents the experience both in words and through lots of photos.

The Pilgrim Sly Treks the Silver Road / Via de la Plata
Veteran pilgrim Mark Nienstaedt shares his journey along the Via de la Plata in August and September 2009. He has lots of great photos.

Camino Art and Inspirations

Oliver Schroer
The late Canadian musician/composer Oliver Schroer walked to Santiago with his violin and a portable recording studio in his pack, and created the wonderful album Camino out of the songs he recorded in churches along the way.

Peter Coffman
Photographer Peter Coffman walked with Oliver Schroer and took beautiful black-and-white photographs along the way. You can see some of those photos on his website. (Also see a story I wrote based on an interview with Peter.)

Margaret shares her photos from the Chemin du Puy and the Camino Francés, with a beautiful mixture of memories and inspirational quotations.

Camino Planning

My Pilgrimage to Santiago: A Journey of Discovery
Emilene is already blogging about the Camino more than a year before she plans to start!

A bunch of photos of the insides and outsides of albergues along the Camino Francés.

Saint Olav’s Way/Olavsleden

The Pilgrim Sly Treks Norway
Mark Nienstaedt’s retrospective blog on the Olavsleden from Oslo to Trondheim. (See also my interview with Mark about the Olavsleden.)

Via Francigena

Guide Books

Lightfoot Guides to the Via Francigena
I believe these are the only guide books in English to the entire route from Canterbury to Rome.


Via Francigena Yahoo Group
An e-mail list of people who have walked the Via Francigena, or are planning to do so.

Writers and Filmmakers

Robert Ward
Robert Ward is a writer and traveller. His book All the Good Pilgrims: Tales of the Camino de Santiago has stories from his five journeys along the Camino Francés. About a quarter of Virgin Trails: A Secular Pilgrimage (which Ward describes as “a sort of Mary for Dummies (like me)” also takes place on the Camino Francés.

Pilgrim’s Tales Publishing
Pilgrim’s Tales Publishing publishes books by writer, photographer and explorer Brandon Wilson. His many adventures have included a number of pilgrimages, ranging from the Camino Francés to the Templar Trail to Jerusalem.

The Camino Documentary
The Camino Documentary will follow the stories of six very different pilgrims as they walk the Camino Francés. Director Lydia Smith is currently fundraising to create a finished 60-minute version of the documentary, and you can see the six-minute trailer on the site. (For more information, you can also read my Camino Documentary article, which is based on an interview with Lydia Smith.)

An Italian Odyssey: One Couple’s Culinary and Cultural Pilgrimage
Canadian couple Julie Burk and Neville Tencer share the ups and downs of walking 1,000 kilometres (641 miles) of the Via Francigena through Switzerland and Italy. (Also, see my interview with them.)


Les passions d’Isabeille
Isabelle has walked a number of pilgrimage routes, including the Via Francigena, the pilgrimage to Assisi, the Camino Francés, the Camino del Norte, the Chemin de Vézelay, the Chemin du Puy, and more. She has lots of beautiful photos of her pilgrimages.

Camino Australia

A blog by an Australian pilgrim who wants to create a “Camino Australia.”